Auto Perfusing Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Instrument

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An Automated Blood collection Instrument comprises of Mechanical ,electronic and Control components. Umbilical Cord Blood Collection from the placenta provides a rich source of highly proliferative cells for many clinical uses as it contains rich Hematopoietic Stem Cells(HSCs). Current collection of UCB uses a syringe to extract blood from placenta. An Automated UCB collection instrument to yield improved performance which comprised four subsystems.

Why this advancement in the field of Biomedical Instrumentation ?

  • As an ex-utero approach, the challenges to be addressed during the collection process will include
  • Limited time window for further collection.
  • Need to stay robust of cross contamination from maternal blood.
  • Replication of a uterus compression force on the placenta.
  • In Ex-Utero, infusion of saline back into the placenta will dislodge the cells draining them out of collection point.

Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Instrument

Main parts of the system are Air tight lid, Placenta Bowl, Supporting Legs and Base. In Controlled Air Chamber, lid houses the interfaces to three standard ports which are connected to Proportional Valve, Solenoid valve and an Analog Pressure Sensor. The air pressure variation in the chamber will be converted to a patterned force profile acting on the maternal surface of the placenta via a pressure membrane as shown in Figure. Auto Perfusing System enables perfusion automatically. It consists of catheter and three valves. A catheter is inserted into a vein on the umbilical cord. Other end of the catheter a three way valve is connected.

Time Widening Window System adopts two pronged approach. A vibrator, rendering a low frequency vibration of about 2 Hz. Secondly, the exposed end of the cord can be rapidly cooled to a low temperature once it is cut. Open Architecture Control System is needed for all components to work together as one unified instrument. A standalone embedded control system is employed based on the National Instrument(NI) single board solution. Two fraction UCB collection synchronous operations with current procedures of code blood banks along with auto perfusion is also possible.


An automated and self perfusing instrument enables the more efficient and extensive harvesting of HCS. Can be used for the paediatric and adult treatment. Instrument maximizes the expulsion of cord blood. A stand alone system to retrieve cord blood in a one stage collection strategy.

Download this file (AN AUTO-PERFUSING UMBILICAL CORD BLOOD COLLECTION INSTRUMENT.ppt)Auto Perfusing Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Instrument[PPT Presentation]1858 Kb

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