Instrumentation Seminar Topics

Big List of Latest 2013 - 2014 Electronic and Instrumentation, Instrumentation and Control Seminars Seminar Topics  for Final Year Instrumentation (IC) and EI Engineering Students with Abstract, PPT and Reports. Presentations are provided at the end of each article.

Auto Perfusing Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Instrument

An Automated Blood collection Instrument comprises of Mechanical ,electronic and Control components. Umbilical Cord Blood Collection from the placenta provides a rich source of highly proliferative cells for many clinical uses as it contains rich Hematopoietic Stem Cells(HSCs). Current collection of UCB uses a syringe to extract blood from placenta. An Automated UCB collection instrument to yield improved performance which comprised four subsystems.

Optical Coherence Tomography in Medical Imaging

Medical imaging modality with 1-10 um resolution and 1-2 mm penetration depths. High resolution, sub surface, non invasive or minimally  invasive internal body imaging technique for structural and quantitative imaging. OCT is analogous to ultrasound imaging. Optical Coherence Tomography is based on principle of low coherence interferometry. Imaging is performed by measuring the echo time delay and intensity of back-reflected or backscattered light. Measurements are performed using a Michelson interferometer with a low coherence length light source.

Ball shaped robots to Inspect Nuclear Power Plants

Robots are used to perform automated and repetitive work. It brings safety of workers and regulation and its profitable. They are used for the inspection and maintenance of critical and dangerous systems like Inspection of reactor vessel, Underwater inspection and Pipe inspection. Ball Shaped Robots are developed by Massachuttus Institute of Technology. They are designed to efficiently enter the underground pipes. It is about the size of an egg. Using there robots inspection is done without digging up the buried pipes. Signs of corrosion and leakage are detected. On board camera takes images along the pipe’s interior. They have Wireless underwater communications capability across distances of up to 100m.

Optical Coherence Tomography for analysis of the Retina

Optical Coherence Tomography is a diagnostic imaging technique that examines living tissue non-invasively. It is based on a complex analysis of the reflection of low coherence radiation from the tissue under examination.OCT allows both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the retina .Qualitative analysis includes description by location, a description of form and structure, identification of anomalous structures, and observation of the reflective qualities of the retina.OCT allows both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the retina.

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