Increasing Electrical Damping in Energy Harnessing Transducers

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This presentation on Increasing Electrical Damping in Energy Harnessing Transducers discuss about the need for energy investment, Boosting of output power by increasing damping energy. Different transducers included in this presentation are electrostatic, electromagnetic and piezoelectric.

Limitations of the present system are Wireless micro sensors use small batteries to meet the power demands, Miniaturized batteries unfortunately exhaust easily, This limits the deployment of the micro sensor devices to few niche markets and Increase in the budget. Suggestion that is offered to these problems are Harnessing ambient energy, Increasing the electrical damping force against which the transducers work and Investing energy to increase the damping.


Transducers converts one form of energy to another. It can be any conversion. It is used for measuring purposes.


Ambient energy also known as Energy Scavenging or Power Harvesting. It is the process of obtaining energy from environment. It is classified as Energy reservoir, Power distribution or Power scavenging methods. It enable battery independent wireless or portable systems. Investing voltage in capacitor or current in inductor raises damping force. Rise in voltage or current gives rise in battery investment which increases square of voltage or current.

Electromagnetic Transducers

Electromagnetic Transducers

Inductors works on the changing magnetic feild in the current it conducts. AC on Lp induces magnetic feild variations. Ls derives energy from above. It is used in wireless battery chargers, RFID etc. Disadvantage of this transducer are Kc decreases with distance. It is based on motion of suspended plate of capacitor. Two modes of these transducer are VC and VQ.

Basic Principle

CVAR precharged by energy investment. It is used to establish electrostatic attraction and opposes physical movement. Vibrations produces energy; FDE is higher. FDE increases as square of vc also EC. Implies higher voltage induces more damping. More damping produce more output power. Vc close to VMAX means more energy generated. This presentation tries to show that investing energy increases output power. Coupling factor of transducers produce low power. Invest energy to raise electrical damping. Transducers draw more energy. Limitation in increasing output power.

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