Battery Two Wheeler

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The Electric two wheeler, which runs with battery, is the new technology which is under development. Present technology is handled with mechanical energy conversion. Mechanical energy converted into rotatory motion by piston arrangement. At present available engines are 4 stroke engine it has four stages. Suction, X Compression, Power & Exhaust. These stages are repeated in cyclic manner. Such type of arrangements are not required in electric two wheeler. The battery is directly connected to the motor (Which converts electric energy in to rotatory motion) then after transmission. The electric two-wheeler is light weight, cheapest vehicle which is best fitted for present environmental conditions.

This paper deals with the following aspects

  • Technical Specifications
  • Block Diagram of Electric Two Wheeler
  • CAD Diagram of Vehicle
  • Detailed information about Battery, Motor
  • Specifications of Motor, Transmission, Battery
  • All necessary calculations.
  • Complete Cost and Weight analysis
  • Advantages of Electric Two Wheelers
  • Comparison of working methods of two wheeler and Electric Two Wheeler.

Battery Two Wheeler

At present the two wheelers are handled with mechanical energy conversion, but it is really surprising, that the two wheeler can run with battery arrangement, of course, it is complex to maintain a battery for running of the vehicle, still it is on developing. But coming to environmental considerations the “Electric two Wheeler” is awaiting Technology.


battery two wheeler architecture

The block diagram of electric two wheeler is as shown in the figure. The given supply to the vehicle is AC supply of 220 V, 50 Hz, An inverter converts AC supply into DC supply. After rectification DC supply become 230 V (DC). This supply voltage is fed into the generator. The generator is the device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This energy is given to battery of Rating 72 V, 100 A. The battery is used to start the motor. Motor plays a major role in electric two wheeler, motor is a part which converts electric energy into rotatory motion.

Battery Arrangement

The battery has 72 V, 50 A. The oil tank in two wheeler is replaced by battery arrangement. This battery is used to starting the motor. Always ensure battery in fully charged conditions. This arrangement consists 12 V, 50 A.


The Motor is a device which converts electric energy into rotatory motion. Motor are basically three types.

1) Series Motor

2) Shunt Motor

3) Compound Motor.

In our electric tow – wheeler we are using shunt motor because of its characteristics.


Battery (72 V, 100 A) Consists of twelve 12 V, 50 A batteries, Battery is used to start the motor. Check and top up at initial 1000 km and at very 3000 km thereafter. Visually inspect the surface of the battery assembly container. If any sign of cracking of electrolyte leakage from sides of the battery assembly noticed, replace the battery assembly with a new one. If the battery assembly lead terminals are found rusty with an acidic white powdery substance, then clean them with sand paper. Add only distilled water, as necessary to keep the electrolyte above the lower level line but not above the upper level line. Periodically check the electrolyte for specific gravity by using a hydrometer to find the state of charge. If the battery assembly is getting discharged frequently check the charging system.

The output current from the generator passes through the white red wire and connected to the regulator (RR unit) through red white wire (RW). A black white earth wire (BW is connected to regulation (RR) unit RR unit regulates the voltage as well as converts AC to DC current. The DC current from AS to DC current. The DC current from Regulator (RR unit) passes through the Red wire, to the battery for charging one output wire from Battery connected to ignition system. One Black white earth wire is connected to battery when ignition system is in on position the output current from the ignition switch passes through orange wire.

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