Electrical Engineering Seminar Topics for EEE

We provide a big list of latest 2013-2014 Electrical and Electronics Seminar Topics, Presentation Topics and Advanced Research Topics with PPT and abstract based on Technical IEEE Papers, educational articles and research journals for Electrical and Electronics (EEE) Engineering Students. Presentations are provided at the end of each article.

Smart Grid - Reference Model, Characteristics and implementation

As one of the enabling technologies, a fast, reliable and secure communication network plays a vital role in the power system management. The network is required to connect the magnitude of electric devices in distributed locations and exchange their status information and control instructions. The current communication capabilities of the existing power systems are limited to small-scale local regions that implement basic functionalities for system monitoring and control, such as power-line communications and the Supervisory control  and  data  acquisition  (SCADA)  systems, which  do  not  yet meet  the  demanding  communication requirements for the automated and intelligent management in the next-generation electric power systems.

Overview OF MULTI Megawatt WIND TURBINES and wind parks

In the time of Energy crisis the role of MULTI Mega Watt WIND TURBINES and Wind parks have a big role in resolving it. Importance of renewable energy resources is growing day by day. Electricity can be produced from wind energy by Multi MW wind turbines. Wind turbines can be constructed offshore or onshore. High wind energy potential of offshore wind parks.

Increasing Electrical Damping in Energy Harnessing Transducers

This presentation on Increasing Electrical Damping in Energy Harnessing Transducers discuss about the need for energy investment, Boosting of output power by increasing damping energy. Different transducers included in this presentation are electrostatic, electromagnetic and piezoelectric.

Reliability Evaluation of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems

Photovoltaic systems does not involve greenhouse gas emissions and no fossil fuel consumption. Total capacity of grid connected Photovoltaic system increased from 300mW in 2000 to 21GW in 2010. Annual growth rate increased from 60% in 2004 to 80- 90% in 2011. Features Of Highly Reliable Photovoltaic System are Increase in renewable energy output, Guarantee higher return on investment and Curtail carbon emissions. 

Unified Power Quality Conditioner

Unified power quality conditioners (UPQCs) allow the mitigation of voltage and current disturbances that could affect sensitive electrical loads while compensating the load reactive power. It aims at the integration of series-active and shunt-active power filters. The main purpose of a UPQC is to compensate for voltage imbalance, reactive power, negative sequence current and harmonics.

Power Quality Issues in Power Systems

EEE Seminar topic on Power Quality Issues in Power Systems in Power Systems.

Basic Requirements for Critical Loads are

  • Continuous, No Break in Power
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Sine wave Supply
  • Isolation
  • Constant Frequency

Microcontroller Based Power Management System for Standalone Micro grids With Hybrid Power Supply

This presentation discuss about design and implementation of Microcontroller Based Power Management System for Standalone Micro grids with Hybrid Power Supply. Distributed generation result in enhanced continuity of service and in increased customer participation to the electricity market. By allowing the network to operate in islanded conditions these opportunities can be achieved. Fuel cells provide clean and silent operation, cost effective supply of power.

Sizing Of Energy Storage For Microgrid

Microgrid is a Small Scale Power Supply Network to provide Power for a Small Community. It is used for local Power Generation for local loads. It uses highly Flexible and efficient Small Power Generating sources. It is connected to both the local generating units and the utility grid thus preventing power outages. Excess power can be sold to the utility grid. Size of the Microgrid may range from housing estate to municipal regions.

Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Cards

Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Cards is an efficient scheme of electricity billing. It is beneficial to consumers and power plant in terms of revenue and power sector reforms. Prepayment metering system had improved operational efficiencies, Reduced financial risks and provides better customer service. Factors that can impact the initiative are Customer behaviour, Initial investment, rapid technology changes, uncertainty over success. Recently many countries had introduced Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Cards like South Africa, India and England. In India Tata power (Delhi and Jamshedpur) and Mumbai BEST service is following this scheme. 

Speed Control of DC Motor Using TRIAC

Presentation on IEEE Topic, Speed Control of DC Motor Using TRIAC. DC motors are widely used in industry because of its low cost, less complex control structure and wide range of speed and torque. With  the the increasing use of power semicondutor units,  the speed control of DC motor is increasingly getting sophisticated and precise. A TRIAC is a bidirectional thyristor  with three terminals.Its three terminals are designated as MT1(main terminal 1),MT2 & gate by G. Triac can be turned on in each half cycle of the applied voltage by applying a positive or negative voltage to the gate with respect to the terminal 1. To successfully trigger a TRIAC, Gate current must come from the main terminal 2 side of the circuit

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