Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics

We provide a big list of latest 2013-2014 Mechanical Seminar Topics, Presentation Topics and Advanced Research Topics with PPT and abstract based on Technical Papers,  educational articles and research journals for final year Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Students. Presentations are provided at the end of each article.

Finite Element Analysis Of Automobile Suspension System

The equation of motion for suspension system consists two degrees of freedom, as two independent special coordinates are required to define the complete configuration namely rectilinear motion and rotary motion. The equations of motions are assumed to be simple harmonic with the presence of static coupling and with the absence of dynamic coupling. Finite element technique is applied to solve the equations of motions by choosing BEAM3, MASS21 and COMBINATION 14 with their properties. The reduced option for analysis is used and a comparative study is performed on the automobile suspension system.

IC Engines with Homogeneous Combustion In Porous Medium

The advantages of homogeneous combustion in internal combustion (I.C.) engines are well known and many research groups all over the world are working on its practical realization. Recently, a new combustion concept that fulfils all requirements to perform homogeneous combustion in I.C. engines using the Porous Medium Combustion Engine, called “PM-engine”. This is an I.C. engine with the following processes realized in a porous medium - internal heat recuperation, fuel injection and vaporization, mixing with air, homogenization, 3D-thermal self-ignition followed by a homogeneous combustion.

Agile Manufacturing – A Recent Trend In Manufacturing

The idea of Agile Manufacturing (AM) now had been around for nearly a decade. AM is the first major manufacturing theory that has sense of history built into it, in fact integral to it. The AM paradigm provides necessary strategic frame work to allow companies to behave in an adaptive and flexible manner permitting continuous evaluation in an increasing demanding and competitive market. Agility is the measure of manufacturer’s ability to react to sudden unpredictable change in customer demand for its products and services and make a profit. The major characteristic of AM is to organize to master change. The main capability indicators of AM are product, process and people. The vital design strategies comprises of feeder systems, conveyor systems, modular worktables and multi purpose arm tooling. Reliability and efficiency in robotic part handling is achieved by accurate gripper design. Small changes to a product in the initial stages of design show a marked impact during final production.

Hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Power sources hybridization for fuel cell vehicles can overcome short comings such as slow cold start-up, slow dynamic response to load change, and no regenerative energy capture. The hybridization can also reduce the vehicle weight and power source's cost as well as increase the vehicle fuel efficiency. The system analysis in this report shows hybrid control is necessary to make sure the fuel cell and the energy storage device working properly and safely.

Optical Fiber Sensors In Medicine

There has been much advancement in the instruments used in medicine since last three decades. The use of optical fibres in medicine field has created a revolution. The ability of these fibers to transmit light over great distances with low power loss and the interaction of light with a measured system provide the basis of these sensing devices. These sensors are electrically passive and consequently immune to electromagnetic disturbances. They are geometrically flexible and corrosion resistant.

Biodiesel - Tomorrows Fuel

Biodiesel is an alternative to conventional diesel fuel made from renewable resources, such as non-edible vegetable oils. The oil from seeds (e.g., Jatropha and Pongamia) can be converted to a fuel commonly referred to as "Biodiesel." No engine modifications are required to use biodiesel in place of petroleum-based diesel. Biodiesel can be mixed with petroleum-based diesel in any proportion.  This interest is based on a number of properties of biodiesel including the fact that it is produced from a renewable domestic source, its biodegradability, and its potential to reduce exhaust emissions. The climate change is presently an important element of energy use and development. Biodiesel is considered "climate neutral" because all of the carbon dioxide released during consumption had been sequestered out of the atmosphere during crop growth.  The use of biodiesel resulted in lower emissions of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter.

Stress Analysis And Optimization Of Weld Penetration Problem In Butt Welded Joints

In butt welded joints, a gap remains between two joined plates due to incomplete penetration (weld penetration problem). This gap may initiate a crack when the joint is subjected to loading. Often the butt welded joints with the above mentioned defect is used in a wide variety of engineering constructions such as bridge, boilers, pressure vessels, piping systems, ships, automobile industries, off-shore structures etc. The greatest advantage of using butt welds for joining metals is simplicity in use and higher joint strength.

Vibratory Stress Relief In Manufacturing Processes

Many manufacturing processes use large amounts of energy in order to make useful products. One such process is thermal stress relief (TSR) process that is widely used to reduce/modify the internal and residual stresses in parts that are introduced by other manufacturing procedure such as fabrication, machining ,or assembly. The TSR  process is  typically done in large furnaces and is heated by combustion of fossile fuels.The large consumption of energy, thermal influence and air pollution affects on environment are the biggest concerns of this process. As an alternative to the TSR , vibratory stress relief (VSR) has the advantages of  low energy consumption and dramatic reduction in pollution to the environment. This paper contains analytical model using finite element techiniques to show how vibration alters the residual stresses in part in a beneficial way ,mathematical analysis of VSR and applications of VSR.

Conceptual design Of Hybrid Scooter Transmission With Planetory Gear-Train

This paper presents a new design concept of transmissions for the hybrid scooters. These transmissions consist of a one-degree-of-freedom planetary gear train and a two degree of freedom planetary gear train to from a split power system and to combine the power of two power sources, a gasoline engine and an electric motor. In order to maximize the performance and reduce emissions, the transmissions can provide a hybrid scooter to run five operating modes. They are electric motor mode, engine mode, engine/charging mode, power mode and regenerative braking mode. The main advantages of the transmissions proposed in this paper include the use of only one electric motor/generator, need not use clutch/brake for the shift of the operating modes, and high efficiency. The kinematics and mechanical efficiency analyzes are performed and according to these results, the evaluation of transmission power performances are accomplished.

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