Electronics and Communication Seminar Topics for ECE

We provide a big list of latest 2015-2016 Electronics and Communication seminar topics, Speech Ideas and advanced research topics in the field of Electronics with free PPT and abstract based on Technical IEEE Papers and research journals for B.E, B.Tech, MSc and ECE students. PPT's are provided at the end of each article for free download.

Power Management For Wireless Data Transmission Using Complex Event Processing

This presentation on Power Management for Wireless Data Transmission Using Complex Event Processing discuss about Power Management of WNI, System Architecture, Architecture of EDF, Complex Event Processing, Event Generator, Event Processing Agent, Scheduler, Implementation, Event Specification and ECA Rules, XML Elements in Event Processing and ECA Rules, Event Processing Agent, Conflict Detection and Resolution. 

Artificial Retina Using Thin-film Transistors Driven By Wireless Power Supply

Blindness is caused by damage to clear structures in the eye, that allow the light to pass through, the nerves within the eye, the Optic nerve and brain. Various diseases of eye are 

1) Retinitis Pigmentosa - Hereditary genetic disease. It is caused by degeneration of the retina. Gradually progress towards center of eye. Spares the foveal region. Tunnel vision results.
2) Macular Degeneration - This is also genetically related. Cones in macula region degenerate. Loss or damage of central vision. Common among aged people. Peripheral retina spared. 

GREENDROID - An Architecture For Dark Silicon Age

Green technology points to energy efficient techniques. Due to scarcity of energy resources we need look for looking for energy efficient designs & architectures. Mobile application processors are soon to replace desktop processors as the focus of innovation in microprocessor technology. Smart phones sales surpass those of desktops. Android platform is a Linux based operating system. Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. An open source developed by the open handset alliance led by Google. It is a multi channel, multi core OS.

Smart Transmitters And Receivers For Under Water Communication

Underwater Free space optical communication promising alternative for Short range links. Considered to be point to point. New optical front end proposed the concept of smart transmitters and receivers. Smart Receivers is capable of detecting angle of arrival of signals. Smart transmitters electronically steers output beam towards particular direction. Estimates water quality from back scattered light.

Design And Fabrication Of Artificial Skin Using Embedded Micro Channels And Liquid Conductors

Fabrication of Artificial Skin is a Critical technology. Robots are expected to work more autonomously. Biomedical science has made a lot of progress. The robotics community comes closer towards the realization of skin like tactile sensing. Flexibility and stretchability expands the scope of applications of sensors. Pressure sensors and tactile interfaces must be elastically soft and remain functional when stretched to several times their natural length.

Application Of Magnetic Coupler For Electric Vehicle IPT Charging Systems

Electric Vehicles reduce dependence on fossil fuels, emission of greenhouse gases and emission of pollutants. Not as cost effective as conventional vehicles due to the large battery required. Improvements are required in battery life, cost and grid connection. Michael Faraday discovered electricity could be generated by Mechanical machines. Andrie-Marie Ampere proposed that magnetic fields and electric current must exist together.

Smart Antennas for Mobile Communication

Smart antennas in mobile communications that enhances the capabilities of the mobile and cellular system such as Faster bit rate, Multi use interference, Space division multiplexing (SDMA), Adaptive SDMA, Increase in range, Multipath mitigation, Decreased inter symbol interference, Best suitability of multi-carrier modulations such as OFDMA and Decreased co-channel interference adjacent channel.

Angioplasty Balloon Inflation Based On Feedback From Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography

Computerized control of angioplasty balloon inflation based on Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography. Based on the estimated and target diameters, Syringe pump deliver or withdraw liquid to achieve the target diameter. The performance of the control method was investigated under various flow rates and various target diameters. Angioplasty is a process of narrowing of an artery wall due the plaques in its wall. Technique includes inflating a balloon or deploying a stent.

Multicasting Over Manets

MANET is a self configuring network. It is a collection of mobile nodes which eliminate the constraints of infrastructure and enable devices to create and join networks. It is a dynamic network of autonomous mobile nodes. It uses wireless links without existing infrastructure. It does not use centralized administration. MANETs are often referred to as multihop wireless ad hoc networks. It supports Group Communication. We need MANET because, Dynamic network leads to high rate of topology change, Topology change is very frequent and Data must be routed via intermediate nodes.

Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement Scheme For Intrusion Detection in MANETs

Security has become a question in Mobile Ad-hoc networks due to their dynamic topology,mobility, scalability and shared resources. Intrusion detection techniques are introduced to mitigate the attacks of compromised nodes and acts as a second wall of defence. EAACK is a secure intrusion detection technique that is specially designed to enhance the security level in MANET's, compared to contemporary intrusion detection techniques.

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