Application of Image Processing

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While humans have had the innate ability to recognize and distinguish different faces for millions of years, computers are just now catching up. In this paper, we'll learn how computers are turning your face into computer code so it can be compared to thousands, if not millions, of other faces. We'll also look at how facial recognition software is being used in elections, criminal investigations and to secure your personal computer.

Facial recognition software falls into a larger group of technologies known as biometrics. Biometrics uses biological information to verify identity. The basic idea behind biometrics is that our bodies contain unique properties that can be used to distinguish us from others. Facial recognition methods may vary, but they generally involve a series of steps that serve to capture, analyze and compare your face to a database of stored images. 

A Software company called Visionics developed Facial Recognition software called Faceit. The heart of this facial recognition system is the Local Feature Analysis (LFA) algorithm. This is the mathematical technique the system uses to encode faces. The system maps the face and creates a faceprint, a unique numerical code for that face. Once the system has stored a faceprint, it can compare it to the thousands or millions of faceprints stored in a database. Potential applications even include ATM and check-cashing security, Security Law Enforcement & Security Surveillance and voter database for duplicates. This biometrics technology could also be used to secure your computer files. By mounting a Webcam to your computer and installing the facial recognition software, your face can become the password you use to get into your computer. By implementing this technology and the normal password security you are getting double security to your valuable data.


With the following advantages and also some of the drawbacks, we conclude our paper on Facial Recognition using Biometrics. Potential applications are as follows: 

  • Eliminating voter fraud 
  • Security law enforcement and Security surveillance
  • ATM and Check-cashing identity verification

Computer security

While facial recognition can be used to protect your private information, it can just as easily be used to invade your privacy by taking you picture when you are entirely unaware of the camera. As with many developing technologies, the incredible potential of facial recognition comes with drawbacks. But if we add both the facial recognition and the normal password security we can have an added Double Security which is more reliable than one shield security, Just same as the quote “Two heads are better than one”.

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