Computer Science Seminar Topics for CSE with PPT

We provide a big collection of latest 2015-2016 Computer Science seminar topics and advanced research topics with PPT and abstract based on Technical IEEE Papers and journals on recent technologies for CSE, I.T, MCA, MS, B.E, B.Tech, MSc and BSc students. PPT's are provided at the end of each article for free download.

Back Propagation

Back propagation is a systematic method for training multilayer artificial neural networks. It has a mathematical foundation that is strong if not highly practical. Despite its limitations, back propagation has dramatically expanded the range of problems to which artificial neural networks can be applied, and it has generated many successful demonstrations of its power.


In recent years, computer systems have achieved an almost explosive increase in performance, such that developments in the field of data communications have been unable to keep up. Where the processor performance and memory capacity of PCs have grown over the past ten years by a factor of a hundred, transfer speeds in wide area networks have risen only by a factor of ten, and in LANs they have been stayed much the same. ATM is a standard recognized throughout the world, which provides for the first time a method for universal information exchange, independent of the end system and the type of information (data, audio, video). 

Antivirus and Content Security Cluster Solution

Many organizations are working hard to secure themselves from the growing threats of computer viruses, Trojan horses, hacker agents, worms, and other malicious code. Yet the headlines are dominated with news of the latest computer related disaster more frequently than at any time before. This document intends to review this problem and propose several possible solutions.

QoS issues in the converged 3G wireless and wired networks

As technology advances, services which requires Quality of service (QoS) increases. Network QoS mechanism focus on providing one, real time, service in addition to the normal best effort service. There is a need for low delay in real time applications, delay guarantees in video streaming applications. As a result of growing demand for QoS, Network Operators should optimize use of network resources in order to avoid over provisioning. It should also ensure committed Service Level Agreements. Major QoS components are throughput, jitter, delay and error rates. There are a no of factors which affect QoS of wireless network. They are

Global Emergency Management Information Network Infrastructure

This seminar gives an insight into about Natural disasters, their impact on the society and Information Network Infrastructure required disasters. Information basically helps in control & coordination among the rescue field workers during disaster management, Apart from this the following are a few causes which demands the flow of information in the communities during the disaster & post disaster phases are

Fault Tolerant Communication In Embedded Super Computing

Embedded super computing is becoming indispensable for complex, computing-intensive scientific and industrial applications, and parallel systems are supplanting traditional uniprocessor platforms. Dependability and fault tolerance thus become critical to the performance of parallel systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Information System to support the functional units of an enterprise are referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning Systems or ERP Systems. ERP software represents some of the most expensive software technologies, their cost often running into several crores of rupees. In fact, to host ERP software an organization will have to spend many more crores of rupees in buying powerful servers, operating systems software, RDBMS and a high performance network.


An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software, and perhaps additional mechanical or other parts, designed to perform a specific function like Microwave oven, Automatic washing machine, Telegraph and Laser printer. Almost every household has one, and tens of millions of them are used every day, but very few people realize that a processor and software are involved in the preparation of their lunch or dinner.

Virus Scan Using Hardware Acceleration

Recent expansion of the computer network opened a possibility of explosive spread of computer viruses. A hardware accelerated based computer virus scan system is proposed in this study. To satisfy the high speed network, three strategies are selected.First, a special accelerator card is used to accelerate the speed of virus scan. Second, a more effective protocol is designed for the communication between the client and the virus scan server.

Virtual Keyboard

Computing is now not limited to desktops and laptops, it has found its way into mobile devices like palm tops and even cell phones. But what has not changed for the last 50 or so odd years is the input device, the good old QWERTY keyboard. Virtual Keyboard uses sensor technology and artificial intelligence to let users work on any surface as if it were a keyboard.

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