Computer Science Seminar Topics for CSE with PPT

We provide a big collection of latest 2015-2016 Computer Science seminar topics and advanced research topics with PPT and abstract based on Technical IEEE Papers and journals on recent technologies for CSE, I.T, MCA, MS, B.E, B.Tech, MSc and BSc students. PPT's are provided at the end of each article for free download.

Extending MapReduce architecture for Efficient Predicate-Based Sampling in Facebook over Hadoop

Extending Map-Reduce for Efficient Predicate Based Sampling in Facebook. Data Flow architecture at Facebook is specified in the document. This presentation focus on Mechanism for Incremental Processing,Policies for Incremental Processing,Implementation over Hadoop / Hive,Efficient Predicate-Based Sampling and Experimental Evaluation of Policies. Map-Reduce treats data as a list of (key, value) pairs expresses a computation in terms of two functions: map and reduce    

Energy Efficient Hardware Data Prefetching

Energy Efficient Hardware Data Prefetching (IEEE Topic), is the process of fetching data that is needed in the program in advance, before the instruction that requires it is executed. It removes apparent memory latency.

Improving QoS in High Speed Mobility Using Bandwidth Maps

High speed mobile data services have become more available and affordable to mobile users. Mobile users in buses, and trains can enjoy the entire spectrum of online network services. Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) data rates and network coverage increase in the use of mobile data services. Advance in WWAN technologies and  popularity of personal mobile devices vehicular internet access possible. Even though the stability and the uniformity of the WWAN bandwidth are not guaranteed.

Data Mining – Automated Pattern Discovery

In this paper we propose to talk about Data Mining the methods in use, how it links with Data Ware house activity to ferret out hitherto unknown patterns in statistical data, its objectives and benefits and its distinction from and interdependency with OLAP and query/reporting.Data Mining methods and systems are based on years of classical work on statistics, pattern recognition and information theory.

Global Wireless E-Voting

In the era of technology, the voting machine, which is present today, is highly unsecured. Being in the age of Computers we are compromising the security by opting for Electronic voting machine because in the present electronic voting machine is not intelligent that is it cannot determine the person came for the voting is eligible or not. That mean the whole control is kept in the hand of  voting in charge officer. One more risk with the present voting machine is that any body can increase the vote count, since the count is present in the machine itself.

Artificial Intelligence And Expert Systems

Humankind has given itself the scientific name Homo sapiens--man the wise, because our mental capacities are so important to our everyday lives and our sense of self. If thinking and intelligence are merely a matter of processing symbolic information, then computers should be capable of demonstrating such intelligence. One of the big questions of science is "What is intelligence?" Intelligence can be defined as the collection, analysis, production, dissemination and exploitation of information and knowledge.

Internet Firewalls

The Internet has made large amount of information available to the average computer user at home, in business and education. For many people, having access to this information is no longer just an advantage, it is essential. By connecting a private network to the Internet can expose critical or confidential data to malicious attack from anywhere in the world. The intruders could gain access to your sites private information or interfere with your use of your own systems. Users who connect their computers to the Internet must be aware of these dangers, their implications and how to protect their data and their critical systems.

Data Mining And Warehousing

Many software projects are accumulated by a great deal of data, so we really need information about the effective maintenance and retrieving of data from the database. The newest, hottest technology to address these concerns is data mining and data warehousing.Data Mining is the process of automated extraction of predictive information from large databases.


Hacking is an intellectual activity and a sort of mental gymnasium. Hackers are really intellectual people who have the extra bit of information. Hackers were computer geeks who knew everything about the way of software works. They have this uncanny ability of finding out ways of doing the impossible.


When you make a telephone call, telephone exchange establishes an exclusive connection to the number you dial. While you’re having the conversation, anybody else trying to dial either party will get an ‘engaged’ tone. That’s essentially what a circuit switched network does. It establishes an exclusive and continuous physical connection between two parties. Circuit-switched technology itself has evolved quite a bit.

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