Computer Science Seminar Topics for CSE with PPT

We provide a big collection of latest 2015-2016 Computer Science seminar topics and advanced research topics with PPT and abstract based on Technical IEEE Papers and journals on recent technologies for CSE, I.T, MCA, MS, B.E, B.Tech, MSc and BSc students. PPT's are provided at the end of each article for free download.

NETCONF AND YANG - Seminar on network configuration

Network element configuration, information retrieval and event notification are the major tasks in network management. Network configurations were till now done using either the command line interface or SNMP or CORBA. NETCONF or network configuration protocol (RFC 6241) came as an alternative and more preferred mechanism for network configuration. It provides a document oriented (XML/YANG) approach to configure and retrieve network element configuration. It also provides locking mechanism.

Blind Authentication: A Secure Crypto-biometric verification Protocol

A biometric is a physiological or behavioural characteristic of a human being that can distinguish one person from another and that theoretically can be used for identification or verification of identity. Different biometrics systems are Physiological Biometrics and Behavioural Biometrics.

Parameter Aware I/O Management For Solid State Disks

A Solid-State Disk (SSD) is a data storage device that emulates a hard disk drive (HDD). There are no moving parts to an SSD. Information is stored in microchips. A typical SSD uses NAND-based flash memory. SSD are entirely different from  hard disk drives(HDD). Read/write bandwidth of SSDs is higher than that of HDD. SSD have no seek time since they have no moving parts such as arms and spinning platters. Provide higher durability against shock, vibration and operating temperature. SSD consume less power than HDD. Faster start up. Extremely low read latency. The performance does not depends on the location of data.

Exploiting Friendship Relations for Efficient Routing in Mobile Social Networks

Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) are a class of wireless networks. These networks are usually sparse and the connection between their nodes changes frequently. Real life examples of DTNs, mobile social networks (MSN).Due to the challenging network environment in these networks, efficient routing of messages is not an easy task. The relationship defining the frequency and duration of the connectivity between nodes has to be analyzed to route messages efficiently. Exploiting friendship based social network features of an MSN, we present a new routing algorithm: Friendship Based Routing. To analyze social relations between nodes (i.e. people), we need to define their friendships in terms of their behaviours.

Two Factor Authentication

Many fields in the world requires authentication of the users. We use authentication in day today life. Most authentications are protected only by Passwords. Passwords are known to be one of the easiest target of hackers. So the authentication is easily broken. Solution to this problem is Two Factor Authentication. Different problems with passwords are Finding written password, Post-It Notes, Guessing password / pin, Shoulder surfing, Keystroke logging, Screen scraping (with Keystroke logging) and Brute force password crackers.

Ensuring distributed accountability for data sharing in the cloud

Security of user data in cloud computing is required for Cloud computing and its services, User’s data processed in remote machine and due to fear of losing data and other security concerns. In order to achieve the security, Cloud Information Accountability(CIA) framework is used. It is Highly decentralized, which leverage JAR programmable capabilities. It also use distributed auditing mechanisms.

Revisiting Defenses Against Large Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks

Online guessing attacks are commonly observed against web applications and SSH logins. Automated Turing Tests-Limits the number of guesses from a single machine. Focus on reducing user annoyance by challenging users with fewer Automated Turing Tests(ATT) and subjecting bot logins to more ATTs. Introduces a new protocol called password guessing resistant protocol. PGRP make use of both cookies and IP address. In this presentation, we will discuss about Defenses Against Large Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks.

Analysis And Research Of System Security Based On ANDROID

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Android SDK is used to develop android applications. It uses Java programming language. It is planned to run on different types of devices. Android platform is based on Linux technology. It is composed of OS, user interface and application components. Its issuance breaks the monopoly status of Microsoft windows mobile OS and Nokia’s Symbian OS. It allows anyone to develop him own applications. So there is a chance that a user is likely to download and install malicious software's written by software hackers.

Real-World Distributed Computing with IBIS

During recent years there is a big advancement in high performance distributed computer system in science and industry. These systems can provide transparent and efficient computing. For more complex applications existing scheduling system is limited. IBIS allows easy programming and development of distributed applications,even for dynamic, faulty and heterogeneous environment. IBIS is used in Multimedia computing, Spectroscopic data processing, Human brain scan analysis and Automatic grammar learning.

Supporting of search-as-you-type using sql in databases

A search as you type system computes answer on the fly as user types in keyword query character by character. It finds the solution for both multi-keyword queries and single keyword queries. It also Finds how to support search as you type in relational database using SQL. During Exact search, a user types a single partial key word W character by character,search as you type system finds the record that contain keyword with a prefix W. It is also known as prefix search.

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