Antivirus and Content Security Cluster Solution

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Many organizations are working hard to secure themselves from the growing threats of computer viruses, Trojan horses, hacker agents, worms, and other malicious code. Yet the headlines are dominated with news of the latest computer related disaster more frequently than at any time before. This document intends to review this problem and propose several possible solutions.

The antivirus industry has been responding to these threats with ever-quicker responses to the rapid onslaught of malicious code, while corporations establish strict virus protection policies. Yet the number of related disasters continues to grow with over $12 billion in damage in the first 6 months of  2000 alone. It is proposed that the problem may reside in the lack of more comprehensive protection  measures.

Placing an organization’s entire antivirus defence at the desktop level is similar to locking all of the doors in a house… while leaving windows and other entry points open. While desktop antivirus is a necessary protection against the traditional computer virus that was typically transferred by floppy disks, CD’s etc., and the primary virus security option for highly mobile laptop users, it is important to understand the limitations of this single point of defence. Virus writers have already seen this trend in protection, and have switched their strategies to leverage other entry points into the enterprise.

The International Computer Security Association (ISCA) recently published the results of it’s annual “Computer Virus Prevalence Survey 2000”, which indicates that 87% of all major virus infections are now transmitted through e-mail. And given the speed of this electronic communication, these newer computer viruses can spread much faster than the time required to update all of the desktop and laptop systems in a medium or large organization.

Recognizing this change in behaviour, Trend Micro developed patented technologies in the mid-1990’s to stop viruses transmitted through email and the Internet,before they could reach the desktop. While protecting 54% of the world’s Internet gateways, Trend Micro recognized the need for a scalable high-availability antivirus security solution, and has partnered with Stones oft to help provide it.

Together, the Stone Beat Security Cluster and Inter Scan Virus Wall provide a scalable, high performance, high-availability clustering solution for antivirus and content scanning. These proven, award-winning technologies can meet the needs of the most demanding of environments, while their respective focus on manageability has automated many tasks and simplified administrative functions through easy-to-use interfaces developed through years of customer feedback.

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