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My name is George John and i am a full time blogger and career adviser. Me, along with Arun Kumar (CTO) started this site in 2011. Our website's stated aim and mission is to "Provide higher education students with resources that will land them in dream job."


Our Story

After completing my MBA, i worked as a Tourism officer in an MNC. I had to travel frequently and got fed up with the job. At that time, one of my friends asked me to give a pep talk to budding MBA graduates about the life after studies. During the interaction, a thought struck me "I am not too old to set another career goal". I give a good hard thought about taking a profession in Education field. After one month, I quit my job and started blogging on careers.

After launching our website, our initial objective was to provide a platform where higher education students (Engineering, MCA & MSc) can share project and seminar topics on latest and advanced technologies. We had collected Project reports and Seminar Presentations from students around the world and published it in our site. From the start, our intention was to make all the materials free for download without any restrictions. We were successful from the start, with thousands of students visiting our site daily and downloading the materials required for their studies.

In 2013, one of our friends suggested us that if we want to full fill our stated mission of "Helping students reach career goals", we need to venture out in to other areas of education. After due introspection, we decided to launch placement related categories. At first, we started career guidance blogs. Our aim was to let students know about the possible career options for a long and sustained career. We had added pros and cons about each stream, courses to undertake as well as the remuneration in those articles.

Once we had shown the career path, our next aim was to assist them to get there. As a fresher, everyone had to go through a series of tests and interviews. So we launched, interview question and answer section on all possible trades of Engineering and MCA. In order to get to the interview, one need to pass the aptitude test.

To overcome this hurdle, placement preparation test of major companies and tips to crack aptitude test sections was added. When we concentrated on technical aspects, there was requests from students to help them overcome non-technical aspects of placement. To help them on that aspects, we had prepared blogs on, how to behave and prepare for Human Resource Interview.

Recently, we had conducted a survey on 100 students to get the feedback on interview preparation and the possible causes for failure. After detailed analysis, we had come to a conclusion that the lack of soft skills or communication skills was the major reason for stumbling the last hurdle. In order to achieve great level of communication skills, we had started articles on different ways to improve communication and interpersonal skills.

Our Mission

We like to provide a platform for talented students and programmers to showcase their technical abilities to the world. We had made an open invite to all our readers to contribute their writings. All the writing will be published in the name of the author, which brings industry reach and reputation to the writer. We are providing handsome rewards for the writers to boost their morale. We are open to any suggestions. If someone feels that a particular set of technical articles will help them and students around the world, please mail us your suggestions with the areas of interest and it's use.

Future Plans

We are planning to launch mock interview services for job aspirants. For freshers, number of openings are very few once they comes out of the college. So taking what ever opportunities coming your way is key to success. Due to lack of interview experience, many of them stumbles even though they are technically good. So by taking up mock interview we help them analyse their strengths and weakness and provide an action plan to overcome their deficiencies..

Please feel free to contact us at - info@a4academics.com or georgejohnonline@gmail.com or signup for our newsletter to stay in touch.

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