Education Portal for Academic Success, Job Interview Questions and Tips is an Education portal which helps students in higher education by offering Academic Projects, Seminars, Tutorials, Career Guidance and Placement Preparation Test. For freshers and working professionals, we provide Job interview questions, Interview Tips and Technical articles. Using slew of resources provided in our website, we hope to help out Postgraduate and Undergraduate degree students (Engineering, MCA, MSc and MS) attain academic success by enhancing their academic performance and skills.

First step to achieve this is by choosing the right Seminar and project. Final year projects and Seminars help students academically by learning a new or existing programming language or by getting specialized in a domain. As a fresher, while applying for a Job, students will specify their Seminar and Academic projects in their Curriculum Vitae(CV). A good seminar and project might be useful during campus placement, since most questions during technical interview will be based on this. A good project or seminar may force the employer to hire you even if your academic credentials are not that good. We provide a slew of latest Projects and academic journals on advanced topics in this Education portal which can enhance your credentials.

Making right Career Choices

Another aspect of building a successful career after your college education is by identifying the career opportunities and choosing a career which will give you Job Satisfaction and Wealth.

Career guidance

Now a days its quite common that engineering students after their course, opts for higher education courses like MS. While accessing different career options, you have to make sure that, the stream you choose can survive any catastrophe like recent recession. This Education portal helps you to make good career choices. We are providing Career Guidance blogs in Engineering, MS and Mobile App Development to give an insight into Career Choices and Job Opportunities. While you apply for a Job, make sure that you know what that company do and how it can enhance your career growth.

Placement Preparation Tips

Once you choose you career path, you must prepare for placement. Usually Job Placement takes place during Pre-final year, Final year or immediately after your course. Placements are done in 2 stages. First job aspirants had to go through Aptitude Test followed by Technical test.

Aptitude test Preparation

Short-listed candidates from this test will have Technical Interview followed by Human Resource(HR) Interview. Some companies do Group Discussion(GD) to assess your communication skills, confidence level, listening skills and weakness. Aptitude test contains questions based on logical reasoning, Puzzles, Verbal reasoning, Syllogism, Numerical Reasoning and Graph oriented questions. Some companies do English Language Assessment Test which contains Comprehension, Correcting sentence and prepositions. Technical Test will be based on C, Java or Computer Networking. Visit Tips to solve Quantitative Aptitude Test to learn more about solving complex aptitude questions. To practice Aptitude and Technical test, visit Placement test section of our Education portal which contains questions asked by major MNC's with answers.

Technical interview questions will be based on the subjects you had learned during college. You can expect questions from C, C++, SQL, Data Structures, Java and C# .Net.

Interview Questions Answers

Our website provide comprehensive set of job interview questions in these topics with best answers. Since we intent to help freshers and working professionals, we provide best job interview questions for experienced programmers too. Since we consult the experts in each domain while preparing questionnaire, we are able to provide frequently asked good interview questions by top companies. Visit our Technical Interview Questions section for more info. 


We provide comprehensive set of Tutorials with examples on SQL, Java, Spring, DROOLS, SEO, Data Structures and Algorithms. To helps readers understand more about the topic, we have provided screenshots, diagrams and sample code along with the tutorials.

Tips for Academic Success

1) You success largely depends on Campus Placement. Most companies prefer reputed colleges for campus recruitment. So choosing the right college for higher education, can have a huge impact on your career. Better the college you opt for, more option you have to choose a company which can define your career.

2) Don't do your course for a degree certificate. Understand and learn the topics taught in your Curriculum. Put extra effort to get additional information regrading your subjects, by referring authoritative academic journals on the same.

3) Interact regularly with your tutor to clarify your doubts. Since they have vast experience, they will be able to share valuable information regarding the evolution of a technology, its progress over time etc. Good relation with your tutor will also helps you to get access to advanced study materials.

Academic Success Tips

4) Prioritize your career goals. You may wish to have a job of your dreams. In case that didn't work out you should have Plan B or C for your career. Don't get disappointed about what had happened, focus on what you got and build a successful career in that domain.

5) if you are not landing on a Job, try for internship at reputed companies. Internship not only helps you to get experience, if you are good company may hire you. Don't wait for your final year results to apply for internship. Immediately after your exams, go for it.

6) If you wish to pursue studies after college, try for Part Time Jobs related to your field of work. Part time jobs not only helps you financially, it will give you a hands on experience during you studies which will come in handy during your placement.

7) Get in touch with your college alumni. They can help you out regrading the Job openings and detail bio about companies you wish to work for.

8) To get financial assistance for your education, contact government education department. Most governments offers scholarships for bright students. 

9) If you are interested in research, contact eminent researchers in your area of work and try to know how to start your research. Also contact you college or organization which can fund your research. If your research is one of its kind, don't forget to apply for patents.

10) Involve in extra curricular activities like science fair, sports etc. if you can organize one of them, better. Add these activities in your CV. This will make your resume more attractive, since you are a proven organizer and team player.